CPC OWNCA Annual General Meeting 2018

April 01, 2018

CPC Ottawa West – Nepean Conservative Association (CPC OWNCA) had its Annual General Meeting on March 27, 2018 at Centrepointe Studio Theatre at 7:00 pm. Delegate Selection Meeting was held at 6:00 pm and completed 6:30 pm at the same venue.

We stood to sing O Canada, led by Singer/Songwriter Danielle Allard, before proceeding with the AGM agenda.

On behalf of the Board of Director (BOD) 2017, President Matthew S. Wu chaired AGM, presented the board report for past year and for future direction, asked Internal Audit/Review Committee (IARC) member, Allan Cutler, to present the financial report, and a member of the board, Mark Podolak, to present the election readiness plan. Directed Q&A period to answer questions about any portion of the presented report. Kara Johnson also spoke on behalf of the CPC National Council.

We proceeded to dissolved BOD 2017 and presented a preliminary slate of directors from BOD 2017 who wish to continue their services on BOD 2018. Our returning officer, Bill Greenburg, chaired this portion of AGM with his team, and accepted additional candidates from the floor and other proposed slate. At the end of all verifications, there were 46 candidates on the ballot sheet. We proceeded to formal election process shortly at 8:00 pm. The following list of directors were elected as BOD 2018 shortly after 10:45 pm.

2018 Board of Directors for CPC OWNCA are as follows:

  1. BALTARE, Carl
  2. BURKE, David
  3. CLAY, Dale
  4. CUTLER, Alan
  5. DEBENHAM, David
  6. DUCLOS, Buck
  7. ESTIENNE, Lucas
  8. FERRIERA, Mark
  9. GRATTAN, Nadene
  10. GROVES, John
  11. HARITON, George
  12. LAFLEUR, Michel
  13. LAVERTY-LABELLE, Marlene
  14. LEWINSKI, Konrad
  15. LOCKWOOD, Jen
  17. MARTINEZ, Nic
  18. MCLENNAN, Emma
  19. MOREL, Peter
  20. OSITASHVILI, Richard
  21. PETRIE, William
  22. PODOLAK, Mark
  23. POLISHCHUK, Genady
  24. SAIKALEY, Albert
  25. SLUMP, Elizabeth
  26. SOPROVICH, Greg
  27. STOCKI, Rob
  28. THOMSON, Faith
  29. WALLINGFORD, Brandon
  30. WU, Matthew S.

Thank you for everyone who let their name stand to run for office of CPC OWNCA Board of Directors.

Welcome all newly elected directors to BOD 2018. Look forward to serving with each of you in 2018.

*** Result of the Financial Statement will be posted shortly.



Matthew S. Wu

CPC OWNCA President