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Abdul Abdi has served as a Constable with the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) for 15 years. (Currently on an unpaid leave of absence.)

In addition to being a patrol officer, Abdul has expertise as an outreach liaison officer, working on special teams with the OPS and RCMP. He has also distinguished himself as a coach officer, providing mentoring and training to new OPS recruits.

Abdul’s extensive background in community service includes a lengthy association with the Boys and Girls Club and the United Way.

He has been recognized with several awards, including the Community Builders Award, the Ambassador’s Award and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award, which he received for his work building relationships between Ottawa’s Somali and Muslim communities and the police.

Abdul is recognized as an authority on community relations and has participated in many public speaking engagements, conferences and professional development programs.

Abdul is married with three children.

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